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Amy Glasgow (Jen Smith)


Jen is a creative force who loves to express herself through her work. By day, she is a mother to 3 children and 2 dogs, but under the pen name Amy Glasgow she creates beautiful coloring books for adults. Jen is passionate about art and enjoys creating something unique and special with every design. In her free time, Jen loves to color in the pages of her own books as well as explore the world - she can be found visiting new places in search of inspiration and personal growth. Above all else, Jen believes in the power of creativity to bring joy into our lives.

It would mean the world to Jen if her blog visitors were to take a look at the coloring books she has for sale. Each book is crafted with love and imagination, and seeing them pass into the hands of someone else brings her immense joy. If you find yourself liking what you see, don't forget to leave Jen a review! It would be greatly appreciated, as her reviews are key in helping others find out about her work. So why not explore Jen's...I mean Amy Glasgow' coloring books and see if any appeal to you!

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